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Effective planning, made simple.

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A refreshing approach to investment, retirement, and income planning.

Imagine working with a firm that eliminates complexity and financial jargon to focus on you. We act in a fiduciary capacity which ensures our recommendations are legally based, with you in mind. 

Our approach is best summed up by our clients as, "refreshing."


Certain industries create their own language only to confuse you and the financial industry is no exception. We eliminate unnecessary financial jargon to have a real conversation. The best financial plan is worthless if it's too complicated to understand.

Professional Management

With most firms, you are simply a number. This number is based on how much money you have invested with them. We take a much different approach by utilizing institutional money managers. When changes need to be made, our clients receive the same immediate attention as the large institutions and high net worth individuals.

Transparent & Secure

All funds are held by an independent third party custodian to ensure an added level of security and compliance. Folio Institutional maintains separate and independent records of all account information and provides online access to statements, confirmations, tax documents, transaction history and more.

Personalized Risk Tolerance

Understanding how your portfolio will behave under various market conditions allows you to become a fearless investor. We help you take the appropriate amount of risk in order to accomplish your goal.

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