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Attract top talent and retain current employees while improving your company's earnings.

Let us show you how to move incentive cost from a liability to an ASSET.

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The 5 Pay Retirement Plan

Increase your retirement income 60% to 100%, lower your risk, and save hundreds of thousands in taxes.

Two Paths for Employers

What are your goals?

Company/employee contribution

Attract. Reward. Retain

Our program allows you to pick the executives and employees you would like to retain.

  • Converts incentive cost from a liability to an ASSET on the balance sheet.
  • Less expensive, better benefits.
  • Attract top talent from competitors & retain them longer
  • Reward them for their contribution to your company

Employee only contribution

Simply provide invitation to participate

Give your employees and executives access to participate on their own.

  • Increase benefit offering without any company expense.
  • Help executives and employees increase retirement savings.

How to learn more

Watch the 3-minute video above then schedule a quick 25 minute demo to gain access to our interactive online system where you can:

  • Learn MORE about the strategy
  • Understand how it works
  • Estimate your potential benefits
  • See additional benefits within the plan

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